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Now days News have become very important part of our daily life, because news provide us with important information without news we are not able to get any information about the world. In old day’s Newspaper is the only mean of information because it is the only source of the information and people read the Newspaper to remain up-to-date. With the invention of the Internet the place of the Newspaper is taken by the news Websites, now people go on these websites and read their favorite news and they don’t have to pay for this, all news available on these sites are free of cost. These sites provides us all the information about Sports, local news, world news and many more, people who use internet go on these sites and search their favorite news. Most the news sites have made categories of the different topics like; Interesting news, International news, Showbiz news, Sports news, Online news, News update, National news. If you are Pakistani than you will go for Pakistani news and Pakistani interesting news. I will explain these categories for you, so that you are able to know that what kind of news is available in these categories.



  1. Interesting news:-

Now day’s people are following the interesting news very deeply, that is why most of the sites provide the interesting information. Interesting news is international and national, whenever people have free time they go on these sites and read the content available on the given topic, and increase their knowledge.


  1. International news:-

The people who are interested to know about what is going around the world, they go on the international news category and read the content about which they are searching. In international news, you will find all kind of information about the world like politics, war situation, new technology and many more. Most of the people in the world follow those sites that provide them international news and keep their knowledge up-to-date.


  1. Showbiz news:-

Showbiz has become a profitable industry and people want to know news about showbiz, that’s why most of the sites provide you with the information about showbiz and what kind of fashion is in. People visit such sites and gain knowledge about fashion, these sites also provide information about the showbiz celebrities like; they provide information about their life style, their affairs, their upcoming films and many more, those people who have interest for showbiz, will definitely search the showbiz news.


  1. Sports news:-

The people who are interested in sports will move to the sports related category, people follow both national and international sports news, the news include sports like tennis, cricket, football, hockey and many of the other sports, and they include the life review of the sports related celebrities. People keep knowhow about the sports and keep an eye on the best sports sites of the world.


  1. Pakistani news:-

If you are a Pakistani then you will look for the Pakistani news, the news include topics related to politics, Pakistani celebrities, Pakistani culture and many other things. Pakistanis all over the world keep an eye over the national news and search about the related topics. That’s why most of the Pakistani websites provide you information about the national news.


  1. News Update:-

Some people want news update after every second, so for these people there is a category about the new update. With the help of this category, you are able to get update about what is happening in the world. The updates are national and international, one have to remain tuned with the website for further information.

So these are some categories I have discuss above, these are the major categories of the website and you are able to get enough information about the related topic. So keep reading news if you want to increase your knowledge.