Video Of Crane Crash In Masjid Ul Haram

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Yesterday a very sad incident happened as 107 Hajj Pilgrims are dead and some injured, here you will find the Video of crane crash in Masjid ul Haram. This Sad incident happened due to storm in Makkah; many Hajj pilgrims are dead on the incident at that time while many Hajj pilgrims are seriously injured. This video is for just kind of information as how crane crashed and fall upon Hajj pilgrims. This sad incident was happened due to heavy storm in Makkah. You can clearly see in the video that how were the weather and storm when a crane crashed. Masjidul Haram is currently under construction, and the crane was crashed due to some lack in material or something else.Video Of Crane Crash In Masjid Ul (2)

But the truth is that 107 hajj pilgrims are dead, and many are near to death due to some serious injuries. A heavy crane collapse will surely hurt more due to its heavy weight and when this falls upon a big height than nothing more happens than death. The whole place near the crane crashed was in construction and when bad weather and heavy storm and rain fell then this incident happened. The main factor of the collapse of the crane is bad weather, said by Al Jazeera’s Omar Al Saleh. The sand storm had just made many deaths yesterday, and many more hajj pilgrims are injured. Here you will find the Video Of Crane Crash In Masjid Ul Haram.

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