Top 5 Popular Pakistani Celebrities Breakup

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Today I will discuss top 5 popular Pakistani celebrities breakup, we all know that there are many celebrities in the world which are famous for other reason. The fans love to know every single point about our most loved famous people. No separation offers heaven to the get-together of people and media on the grounds that it is truth be told the division of two hearts who were once in profound affection. Check these common Pakistani big names who separated their connections a year ago. In this article you will be skillful to know about top 5 popular Pakistani celebrities breakup.

Here are 5 popular Pakistani celebrities breakup are given:

1. Sataesh Khan- Malik Noraid Awaan

The most fame actress Sataesh Khan has said that the farewell to showbiz a couple of many years back. She has separated her husband, Malik Noraid Awaan. Popular Pakistani celebrities breakup, the two wedding a couple of years back, but the connection finished. I feel frustrated about Sataesh. so i leave her and live alone & spend time with lot happiness.

2. Arij Fatyma- Faraz

Arij and Faraz have dating before her Marriage because both lot live each other so that was hung on January 5 2014 in Karachi. This excellent model couldn’t appreciate a content wedding life whatsoever. At all the reason of their partition may be, but it was better for them to find an alternate approach to stay in their wedding.

3. Sherry Malik- Malik Awan

We love Sherry as a lovely and hot celeb. Popular Pakistani celebrities breakup, Sherry Malik, the popular star of Pakistani Television, wound up his wedding by the reproduction, Malik Awan. It take them not additional than two months to say farewell to one another.

4. Nazli Hassan- Hassan Soomro

This is stunning but genuine news about Nazli Hassan both who was hitched more than 14 years. They were carrying on with an upbeat life and have two children, Zohaib and Zoya. Both of the stars separated in 2014.

5. Mahira Khan-Ali Askari

Mahira, the pretty actress and model of Pakistan, wound up her wedding with Ali Askari. The two had been date one an additional and couldn’t toward the end in this marriage relationship for more than three years. The reason of their division is yet obscure, however close relatives and friends say that it was Mahira’s occupied life and normal exercises which used to make Ali irate.