Top 5 Mobile Phones In The World

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Top 5 mobile phones in the world is a require of today as it helps us to communicate with our friends, family and loved ones. These days it is not used just for chit chat however it is as well a great source of amusement. A lot of features are accessible by the mobile companies to create them unique. Mainly features are their spirited edge. The majority of people want to purchase the smart, thin, branded mobiles because it is the era of brand aware people. There are diverse prices of mobiles varying from the lowest to the uppermost. In this article i will talk about top 5 mobile phones in the world. It is a great deal to buy the branded mobiles as they are expensive made of metals, obtainable lot of features. Few people keep their status by buying expensive mobile phones. Therefore you will have to pay a heavy cost if u wants to obtain something fashionable. Expensive cell phones are in fashion these days. They are as well used for playing and business purpose. A lot of them purchase mobiles for the reason of using social media. Features, Camera, mobile applications are their major priority. People these days are so aware about their mobiles that they still don’t care regarding the high prices. Brand aware people count the days to obtain their most recent models. Costly mobiles are styled by diamonds, glittery stones. What else they require for status symbol. Here is a list of top 5 mobile phones in the world.

  1. LG G3

Top 5 mobile phones in the world

The LG G3’s major selling points are easy: cost and an ultra clear screen. It’s got a lot of other skill in there to attract you as well, however it’s those two elements that demonstrate it off so well, as well as fan favourite good features like a memory card slot and removable battery. It is ranked at 5th number in the list of top 5 mobile phones in the world. LG has forever offered a best experience for a lower price than its competitors, and with a QHD screen it’s obtained four times the pixels of few phones on this list, and it as well comes with a number of other improvement too – though with those additional pixels packed in, the display is a little darker than others on the market. It listed in top 5 best mobile phone sin 2015.

It’s a small big for some hands, gratitude to the 5.5-inch display, and the camera is not up to scratch – however for the price it’s simple to absolve those elements when there is so much else to adore in this handset.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Top 5 mobile phones in the world-1

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has all the features and power of the table-topping S6, however does it with a small extra too, gratitude to the curved edges on every side. It is ranked at 4th number in the list of top 5 mobile phones in the world. It listed in top 5 best mobile phones in 2015. They’re beautiful much aesthetics, as they do not add a vast amount of functionality, however if you are going on looks only, the S6 Edge has them in spades.

The price is a lot high although, which is why it does not unite its twin brother at the peak of the chart, however if you are after a cell phone that’s wildly diverse from something else with a grand feature set and tip-top camera, this is your selection.

  1. HTC One M9

Mobile Phones In The World

HTC has been used to living at the peak of our charts for the end couple of years, and whereas it’s not fairly managed it in the year 2015, it’s still a mobile phone with the most excellent build quality out. No one of the old favourites are lost, so BoomSound improvement stills really the Sense overlay and turbocharges the audio remains one of our favourites, gratitude to being stylish and really powerful. The camera of this mobile has been boosted to 20.7MP, though does not have the inspiring snapping power of few of the other phones on the mobile market, and the design language means this is one of our best and favourite phones to stick in your pocket. It is ranked at 4th number in the list of top 5 mobile phones in the world.

It’s a touch more costly than before, and does not take a vast leap forward from the last year’s model however then once more, that was almost great, so where was HTC to go?

  1. iPhone 6

Mobile Phones In The World

The iPhone 6 is a real step onward for Apple and a phone that is a real delight to use, feel and hold. It’s got all the similar ingredients that create iPhones special: whereas it doesn’t excel in any known part of the smartphone formula, it just works, endorsing simplicity over fiddly menus. The camera has a lower megapixel add up than others; however it’s bright, easy and fast to use. It listed in top 5 best mobile phones in 2015. The screen is as well low-res compared to the phones around it, however fizzes and pops with brightness and colour. It is ranked at 2nd number in the list of top 5 mobile phones in the world. And that beautiful design we have to remain coming back to it as it feels gorgeous in the hand.

The sticking position is it’s still one of the most costly phones on the market, and spec-fiends will correspondence it’s not fairly got the technology inside to really back up the cost. But do not let that put you off: if you are in the market for a handset from good Apple, or now been tempted by one in the past: purchase the iPhone 6. It’s brilliant, a pure happiness to use.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S6

Mobile Phones In The World

Whereas last year’s Galaxy S5 was not anything particular, this year Samsung’s begun from the ground up to create a truly magnificent smartphone. The camera is excellent, the video and audio quality brilliant and the QHD good display crammed into the 5.1-inch screen is the quickest on the market – though it does suck downward the battery rather a lot.

It is ranked at 1st number in the list of top 5 mobile phones in the world. The beautiful design is lastly something we’re happy to hold in our hand, quite than the plastic tawdriness of last year, and the sophisticated TouchWiz superimpose is a lot nicer to use. It listed in top 5 best mobile phones in 2015. It’s beautiful costly mind, so make certain you are after a truly A-grade experience earlier than buying as you will be paying generously for it – however if you do get the plunge, you have got the best phone on the market.