Today Microsoft Is Launching His New Operating System ‘Windows 10’

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Computer software developer world’s biggest company Microsoft is launching his new weapon ‘Windows 10’ in the battle of technology. According the international news agency Windows 10 available in up to 190 countries and can be used on the long term basis and updates will be provided for this. Users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 can download this operating system free but this offer is not for the computer manufacture companies and they have to pay for it.Today-Microsoft-Is-Launching-His-New-Operating-System-'Windows 10'

Windows 10 will be available in the product of Microsoft and the organizations which are affiliated with Microsoft. This operating system will available for sale in the market on the end of current year.
According the Microsoft they take care during the manufacture, for Smart Phones and Tablets user. And we take in mind their need and the applications they required.
Experts says that Microsoft can’t get any intrust of Mobile phone and Tablets users in the available products so that’s why the android system of Google and IOS of apple is more famous in the market .But Microsoft can get the confidence of users by launching its new operating system Windows 10.Today-Microsoft-Is-Launching-His-New-Operating-System-'Windows 10'-paknation.pkRemember that some days ago Microsoft announced that the Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows and next time the main target of the Microsoft will be the Linux operating system but the update of windows will be available on specific times. Microsoft said that the people are working on Linux instant of Windows.Today-Microsoft-Is-Launching-His-New-Operating-System-'Windows 10'