The Raj of Past Popular Bollywood Stars Child in Film Industry

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Mumbai if your politics and business to move from generation to generation have heard but also acted as a profession and art is transferred from one generation to generation, Bollywood superstars in the past introduced his offspring and several actors in the film industry because of its capabilities include Bollywood’s leading actors.
The Raj of Past Popular Bollywood Stars Child in Film Industry

Abhishek Bachchan:
Bollywood’s Bachchan’s name recognition and a mega star Amitabh introduction but now his son Abhishek Bachchan Indian film are showing their skills in essence, Indian actress in the film Big B’s son now regarded as one of Bollywood’s leading actors.

Hrithik Roshan:
Hrithik Roshan stylish Bollywood actors have a movie house is bright, super bright star Hrithik Roshan several Bollywood hits like action movies and science fiction have. Hrithik Roshan past the bright star and son of film director Rakesh Roshan, while his mother Pinky Roshan eminent film producer and director J. Om Prakash’s son.

Ranbir Kapoor:
Bollywood chocolate hero Ranbir Kapoor living Officer of the leading actors in Bollywood included in the 2007 romance movie ‘Savaria’ started his film career. Ranbir now the most expensive Hollywood actors include Kapoors, Ranbir Kapoor film family and having a mother, His father Rishi Kapoor Neetu singh the film industry is one of the most successful actors.

Shahid Kapoor:
Bollywood Shahid Kapoor is known for his affairs began his film career in film 2003 film ‘Love usq’ done. Bollywood star thanks to his performances not only foothold in the industry, but their number is Bollywood’s most successful actors. Neelam Kapoor, Shahid’s father Pankaj Kapoor and mother, the great actor and has acted in several hit movies.

Bollywood actress Kajol several blockbuster films, to name a famous Indian film industry has become an icon. 6 film actress Filmfare Awards to his name are scions of families. Mukherjee sumu when acting with his father and mother Tanuja producers are Bollywood actress Hasina Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgan away from their marriage.

Kareena Kapoor:
The smell and stylish Miss Bollywood Kareena Kapoor family that belonged to the famous film family that their Father Randher Kapoor several blockbuster films have shown the essence and his mother was a heroin successful film industry in the past. Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor is married.
kareena kapoor

Soonakshi Sinha:
Bollywood blockbuster movie ‘Dabangg’ actress Sonakshi Sinha to launch the career of the leading actresses in the film industry have been known in the industry for their sturdy grill that when the film the house is the superstar actress Poonam Sinha Sinha and son.
sonakshi Sinha

Shraddha Kapoor:
Bollywood blockbuster romantic film lovers ‘2’ Shraddha kapoor to reach the heights of fame in the world are gaining ground. Shraddha Kapoor’s father, successful Bollywood villain Shakti Kapoor who have a prominent place in Bollywood.

Sonam Kapoor:
Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor’s daughter Sonam Kapoor unique sounds are stepping in. Sonam Kapoor began his career in the 2007 Bollywood blockbuster movie ‘Savaria’ done and then has been featured in several films.

Shrooti Haasan:
Actor, writer, director, photographer perfection producer and courier does not need any introduction. Kamal’s daughter Shruti haasan foothold in Bollywood is busy. Bollywood film industry beginning his career in the 2009 film ” luck ” to, Shruti Haasan Bollywood and local films are also featured.