Sonam Kapoor Shares Why She Loves Fawad Khan Unconditionally

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Fawad Khan associated Sonam have recently one year ago created an awning on screen chemistry in Khoobsorat. Fawad Khan’s quality is reaching skies high day by day and his fans would like to check him once more in any another screenland

Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan area unit far more than simply co-stars. Sonam and Fawad developed a awfully sensible understanding whereas they were operating along on the sets of Khoobsurat. Sonam Kapoor has been terribly open regarding what quantity she likes Fawad Khan. in an exceedingly recent interview Sonam Kapoor shared few reasons attributable to that she preferred Fawad Khan such a lot. She said, “He is all heart and he’s an intensive Punju. He even speaks with a Punjabi accent. we have a tendency to don’t notice however similar Pakistanis area unit to United States of America. He includes a nice sense of humour. If i really like somebody categorically, it’s Fawad.”Sonam-Kapoor-Shares-Why-She-Loves-Fawad-Khan-Unconditionally-paknation.pkSonam Kapoor conjointly told in her interview that though attributable to his polygenic disorder Fawad Khan isn’t allowed to consume any sweets however, “Rhea and that i feed him chocolates and mithai…..Abhishek Bachan, Imran Khan and Fawad Khan area unit individuals i really like.”Sonam-Kapoor-Shares-Why-She-Loves-Fawad-Khan-Unconditionally-paknation (2)