Singer Atif Aslam Celebrate 32 Birthday

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Lahore: Pakistani singer Atif Aslam alluring voice recognition in the world but today he is celebrating their 32 Birthday with friends and family members.

In 1983, born in Wazirabad on today Aslam studied in Rawalpindi and Lahore. From school age to the extent of obsession was fond of cricket. But during college, they allied themselves with the music ensemble, Aslam started singing as lead singer of the band is burned, reached pinnacle of popularity, the band divided and broken but looking back Atif Aslam seen.

Success not only in Pakistan but also in India, Atif Aslam, flags is buried. Lack of formal musical education to many singers does not see them, but the millions of people like them.
Singer Atif Aslam Celebrate 32 1

Atif Aslam in several films where he has lent his voice Pakistani filmmaker Shoaib Mansoor’s film ‘Bol’ are also shown acted in, even in this film he and [Pakistani actress Mahira Khan were play the main leading role. Both stars were shown first time in which Pakistani film.

Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam first Pakistani blocks baster film “Bol” earn huge business and popularity in worldwide. But today Pakistani super star & king of Singing Atif Aslam have celebrate their 32 birthday with her friends and family members.
Singer Atif Aslam Celebrate 32 1 Singer Atif Aslam Celebrate 32 1 Singer Atif Aslam Celebrate 32 1