Once Again Shaista Lodhi Is Hosting Morning Show On Hum Sitaray

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Shaista Lodhi is hosting Morning Show on Hum Sitaray after getting free from her arrest warrants. Shaista Lodhi may be a former and famed morning show host on fashionable television station Geo Tv. She was charged arrest warrants within the blasphemy case. Shaista emotional to metropolis together with her youngsters by the ending of Gregorian calendar month she came back and got married to her first cousin Adnan UN agency may be a sensible business, man. Shaista-Lodhi-Is-Hosting-Morning-Show-On-Hum-Sitaray-paknation.pk

She appeared in Jeet Ka Dum on HUM TV. And now, here may be a headline that Shaista Lodhi is hosting a Morning Show on Hum Sitaray after her arrest warrants. This show are going to be ranging from 14th August at 9:00 am, every Mon to the weekday. Shaista Lodhi is hosting Morning Show on Hum Sitaray after her arrest warrants. The description provided by page concerning the show is, “A Show that may provide a stage for a wonderful morning. This morning show can feature text messages, live calls and a platform wherever you’ll be able to converse to your completely different favourite celebrities, decision daily and win exciting prizes. Topics connected with hot discussions, current problems, and everyday topics concerning your health wealth and also the unit that you just need to understand. Shaista Lodhi is hosting Morning Show on Hum Sitaray when her arrest warrants. The target viewers of this show area unit the married girls, recent girls, and children.Shaista-Lodhi-Is-Hosting-Morning-Show-On-Hum-Sitaray-paknation.pkA show that may mild amusement & info during a technique that’s aimed at making the viewer knows, pleased, authorized and hopeful. This show can feature daily-life tips, psychological feature messages, latest and really attention-grabbing news in Associate in nursing amusing manner. This show may be a viewer’s based show. And all the team of this show is hopeful for the success of it.Shaista-Lodhi-Is-Hosting-Morning-Show-On-Hum-Sitaray-paknation.pk