National Ranking Tennis from January 18

2 years ago Alinta Abeer 0

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) will be holding second Kulsum Saifullah Khan National Ranking Tennis Championships from January 18 to 24 here at the PTF Tennis Complex. This Grade 1 occasion will be the second form supported by the Saif Group of Companies the first was held in January a year ago says a public statement issued here.

In such manner, PTF President Salim Saifullah will likewise address a news meeting on Friday (January 15) here at the PTF Tennis Complex. The draws will be hung on January 17, and qualifying rounds will begin on January 18. The occasion conveys a money prize of Rs 500 000. The classes in the time incorporate Men s Singles and Doubles Ladies Singles Boys 18 and under 14 and 10 and Seniors Doubles Open 45 and above and Executive Seniors Doubles 60 or more. However in the 60 classifications, this year to make the occasion more agreeable and to appeal no expert player would not be permitted to take an interest nor would this gathering convey any prize cash.National Ranking Tennis from January 18

All outstation primary draw singles players will get Rs 700 as day by day remittance until disposal from the day they play their first match Furthermore, to that, all youngsters just major draw players will likewise be qualified for getting economy class railroad admission both ways.