Junaid Jamshed Is Being Criticized For Holding The Hadiqa Kiyani’s Hand In A Function

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Junaid Jamshed is being criticized for holding the Hadiqa Kiyani’s hand in a function and the source of criticism is the social media. Junaid Jamshed could be a singer moreover as a spiritual scholar. He was a known pop singer, but he came back to faith. He forever wills one thing that he becomes a victim of controversies and criticism. Currently, a contemporary contestation has started which is singer Junaid Jamshed is being criticized for holding known Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiyani’s hand during a picture of a party. Last night, it had been a concert of dope for the national holiday. Lots of singers were gift there. A variety of singers stood conjointly, and Junaid holded the hand of Hadiqa in a group photo between all singers, but now he has become the victim of criticism on the social media due to this activity.Junaid-Jamshed-Is-Being-Criticized-For-Holding-The-Hadiqa-Kiyani’s-Hand-paknation.pk

Social Media leaves nobody free. The Social Media says, presently Junaid Jamshed has got to post an additional SORRY video. Individual’s area unit is passing repellant remarks on him. Have a glance to footage during which social media is responding to singer Junaid’s act of holding the hand of Hadiqa. Junaid Jamshed could be a Pakistani TV temperament, recording creator, dressmaker, former singer-songwriter and former occasional actor. He belongs to an Urdu-speaking family. His pop Jamshed Akber Khan was a retired commissioned military officer in the Pakistan Air Force whereas his mom was Nafeesa Akber. After graduating from the native boarding high school, Jamshed continuing to hitch the PAF, first of all concentrating on becoming skilled F-16 combat pilot. But thanks to weak eye-sight throughout the powerful physical, his choice papers were rejected by the choice board of PAF. Jamshed was later on accepted at the University of Engineering and Technology wherever he excelled in courses in physics and arithmetic ahead of declaring his main in applied science. within the year 1990, Jamshed gained Bachelor of Science degree, graduating in applied science within the year 1990. Together with his influence of the father, he was utilized by PAF as a civilian contractor.Junaid-Jamshed-Is-Being-Criticized-For-Holding-The-Hadiqa-Kiyani’s-Hand-paknation.pkHadiqa Kiyani could be a known Pakistani singer. She was born in the urban center. Her pop died once she was three years recent. Her mom Khawar was the Principle of a Government ladies faculty. She symbolized Pakistan in International youngsters festivals in Jordan, Turkey. She moreover accustomed air Sohail Rana’s kids program “Rang Barangi Dunya”; a weekly musical on PTV.Junaid-Jamshed-Is-Being-Criticized-For-Holding-The-Hadiqa-Kiyani’s-Hand-paknation.pk