It’s very Challenging To Perform The Role Of Azharuddin’s Wife: Prachi Desai

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Bollywood beauty and very talented actress Prachi Desai said that perform the role of Azharuddin’s Wife would be very challenging for me and for any actress. Because it is very difficult role and first time in my life that I have fear to perform this role because I want give my hundred precent and did not want any mistake in my performance. I am fear because I am performing this kind role first time in my life. It's-very-Challenging-To-Perform-The-Role-Of-Azharuddin'

when people ask to her about her upcoming movie Azher She tells that the shooting of this movie is starts in London and soon I will join the set. She said this movie is about the life of cricketer Azharuddin’s life and we take up all the happens from his life and through this movie people can guess that how Azharuddin struggle for his beloved county and how much he love with the mud of India. She also said that I am performing the Azharuddin’s wife role in this movie and this is very hard challenge for me but I am ready for this and I have a lot of prepration. Prachi Desai said that we all accept the struggle of Azharuddin for his country that is why we are making this movie.It's-very-Challenging-To-Perform-The-Role-Of-Azharuddin's-Wife-Prachi-Desai-paknation.pkRemember that this movie is going to directed by Tony De Souza he said I will try to give my 100% for this movie because this movie have many importance for me and also for my carrier. He said that I have prepare my plan for this movie and this film will ready to relese in May 2016 and we all are hoping that we will successes to show all the happens in Azharuddin’s lofe    It's-very-Challenging-To-Perform-The-Role-Of-Azharuddin'