Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg Is Near To Become The World Richest Person

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Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of the Facebook which is biggest website in the world of social media. He born in 1984 in America. After kicked out from school he starts works on his site and launch Facebook in the market and now the Facebook is the biggest social media website. Latest about the Mark is that he is going to become the world richest person.
31 year old boy Mark is now stand on the 9th world richest person and he beat the Angwar Compared who is the founder of famous company Akkea. Now Compared is shifted on the 10th position by Zuckerberg.Facebook-Founder-Mark-Zuckerberg-Is-Near-To-Become-The-World-Richest-Person-paknation.pk

At the current time Mark have $43.1billion net worth and on the start of 2015 his net worth was $34.8 billion. It mean $ 8.6 billion is increased in current year.This year the one share of Facebook sold on record 98.39 $. This year worth of the company is increase up to 25% from its previous worth. And now Facebook is become about 275 billion dollars company in the market.Facebook-Founder-Mark-Zuckerberg-Is-Near-To-Become-The-World-Richest-Person-paknation.pkAll the experts are saying that soon Mark will be the richest person in the word because the income of his company is increasing day by day and it will never goes down early.Facebook-Founder-Mark-Zuckerberg-Is-Near-To-Become-The-World-Richest-Person-paknation.pk