Buses Make New Record of Speed By Driven of Cow Dung

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London, Buses make new record of speed by driven of Cow Dung, Reading Basse cow the dung, a UK company moving from a bus speed of 76,785 mph racing experience is exceptional.

Just like the cow fur is black and white painting of petrol and diesel and the cow dung is used as fuel. Says Chief John Bkartan bio methane-powered bus speed it will take a long time to equal the record.
Buses Make New Record of Speed By Driven of Cow Dung-paknation.pk 1

His time with cow dung to fuel our 34 buses are running in the 7 large tank on the roof of the bus have been. These tanks are filled in and the cow dung ‘ayyrubk dayjyssn them, undergo the process of biogas is produced and thus the pressure of the gas is converted into liquid.

Environmental experts it has made significant progress, and while declaring that environmentally friendly buses are an excellent source of public transportation. But agriculture in developing countries and underdeveloped countries in the abundance of cow the dung can be used very successfully.

The petrol and diesel and gas groundwater pollution is destroying the environment, causing world temperatures are increasing.

#BioBus – The UK’s first food and poo-powered bus by TheExpressNews