Bank Deposit the trillions Rupees In the Account Of A Poor Woman In India

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All the banks tries to facilitate their customers by different methods but some time the help their customer with illegal method. But in India a bank shows, not millions, not billions but trillions rupees in the account of a poor

According the India media in the city Uterperdesh ,in Kanpoor  a poor woman deposit the 2000 rupees in her band but she gone almost mad when she receive the message of trillions rupees in her account.
When she discusses this matter with her husband and he discuss to bank management then the bank management told a interesting reason. Bank said that there were not enough money in  Armila’s (Name of poor woman ) account so bank deposit some mock money in her account. So the band transfer the 97.7 trillion 11 billion 69 million 47 thousand 1 hundred and thirty rupees   in her account.Bank-#Deposit-the-trillions-Rupees-In-the-Account-Of-A-Poor-Woman-In-India-paknation.pkOn this entire woman said that I don’t want to fall in courts problem I just need that money which was deposited by me.